Career Day 2021

Wednesday, March 17th

Career Day 2021 will look different than prior years. This year all of our Northshore School District Middle Schools will have a virtual Career Day together! The good news is our volunteers can impact MORE students.

The Middle School PTSAs across the district, along with the Northshore Schools Foundation, have joined forces to make sure our students can participate in an online Career Day. This year’s online program will take place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021


We need your help to make Career Day a success.
We can’t stress enough how important YOU are to this process.


Why is Career Day important?

Career Day offers our students insight into many different career fields. It gives our students an opportunity to learn what is needed to be successful in different fields/industries. We want our students to understand that no career path is ever a straight line and within any career there are lots of different avenues they can follow.

We are looking for Presenters from ALL career fields and paths, including professional, trade, service industry, stay at home parents – you name it, we welcome it! More importantly, our past surveys show that students are eager hear about every type of job, not just those in the STEM fields.


What would I do as a volunteer?

There are TWO (2) ways you can volunteer to help with Career Day this year! You can be a Presenter or a Moderator. PRESENTOR ROLES ARE FULL-thank you to those that signed up.

As a Presenter, you will:

  • participate using the Zoom platform.
  • present alone or may be assigned with one other presenter. Please approach this as a casual conversation. Slides or presentation materials are not necessary.
  • meet with 4 rotations of students. Each rotation will last 20 minutes. The last 5 minutes of each rotation should allow for students’ questions. 
  • during each of the 4 rotations, you will share information about:
    • Your career journey – the path you took to get to where you are today.
    • Your field / profession – what is it?!
    • Your actual job – what YOU DO (this is the meat of what students want to hear about). 

As a Moderator, you will:

  • assist the teacher in moderating the chat window in each virtual classroom.


How do I volunteer!? 

Career Day will be held on March 17, 2021, 9:20-11:20am.

We need at least 90-100 presenters and 45 moderators across the district for the event.

Are you able to give a few hours to volunteer? 


  • Please send an email to with include the following:
    • Field of Work*
    • Title*
    • Employer*
    • Brief Bio* (Just a couple of sentences, including your degree, first job (either as a teen or after training/education), a fun fact (what did you want to be when you were a kid, what is your favorite hobby, who inspired you, etc.)) 

*This information will be included in a directory and will help students identify the professions they want to learn more about. 




Our goal is to have all 90 presenters and 45 event volunteers secured by the end of February.

If you know of someone that you feel would be an asset to our students, please feel free share this link!! 


Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

-Career Day Committee 2021 

Questions? Contact