Skyview Middle School PTSA

Financial Procedures 2023-2024

Skyview PTSA shall approve its annual operating budget before July 1st of each year. The board of directors may reallocate funds budgeted for one purpose to another purpose by a majority vote. The budget will be re-approved at the first meeting in the fall of each school year. 

Committee budgets will be provided to you in the beginning of the school year.  

Stay within your budget, you or your committee will not be reimbursed for any expenses over the budgeted amount. If you feel you will go over budget, please let the Treasurer and president know so we can discuss. 



Any person receiving cash or checks for PTSA must be a Skyview PTSA member. 

All revenue must be counted by two PTSA members and turned into the treasurer within 24 hours of the event with a completed and signed receipt of revenue form. For non-events revenue like membership a daily or weekly drop off to treasurer is acceptable. 

All checks must be made out to Skyview PTSA, NOT Skyview MS. These are two separate entities. 

Please write all check numbers, name and amount on the reverse side on the form for tracking purposes.



Reimbursements will only be accepted if they were pre-approved by the Skyview PTSA Board of Directors. 

To receive a reimbursement, please fill out the reimbursement form and attach receipts, either copies or originals.  

Reimbursements must include a receipt and shall be submitted to the treasurer within 30 days of purchase and all by June 25 of the current school year. If they are submitted after this date they will be considered a donation to the PTSA. 

Any checks written from the PTSA bank account must have two signatures. No signer may sign a reimbursement check for themselves. 

A non-signer will review all bank statements each month and report any discrepancies at the next board meeting. Checks may not be made out to cash.

Reimbursements may take up to 10 days to process. 


Cash boxes: 

It is YOUR responsibility to request starter cash at least 5 days prior to your event. All starting cash must be counted by two PTSA members and the treasurer.  



Donations are wonderful however we need to understand their value and track them along with everything else for an event. If a committee chair receives a donation as part of an event; that should be noted in the records for the event and the treasurer should be made aware of it. We do budget for some donations throughout the year and tracking them will help us with that budgeting. We also like to make sure we understand the true cost of a program and a donation should be accounted for separately.


Online Banking: 

The only funds that can be electronically removed from the PTSA bank account via EFT is by WA PTSA for membership dues. All other outgoing funds are managed via paper checks that are signed by 2 approved Board members - no checks are generated electronically. Incoming electronically transferred revenue from sources such as, but not limited to, PayPal, Square, and Benevity is allowed. 



All contracts must be signed by two elected PTA officers. DO NOT enter into any contract agreement without first talking to your exec team contact or the President. 


Forms: (click below for links to forms)



Please contact our treasurer Vanitha Mathavan: