School level spelling bee Online Test will be in the week of Friday, January 22nd to Wednesday, January 27th 2021. Students will have the opportunity to take the spelling bee test anytime during that time-frame. 

Instructions for Parents/Students who have already registered their child already thru Skyview Spelling Bee Registration Google Form:

  • If you have already registered in the online testing platform for another child, you can log in to your account and add an additional child to that same parent account. There is no need to register a different email address for each child in your household.   
  • Once you have registered, your child should be able to take the practice test on the online spelling bee test platform to get familiar with the multi-choice, format.
  • Note that our school level spelling bee test will have 2 below sections and will betimed (10 minutes long total, as we hope to have clear WINNER(s) at the end of this test)
    • Spelling Test (25 words): Students will be asked to type the complete spelling of the word - students will be able to hear the spelling and will have the definition and example sentence of that spelling.
    • Vocabulary Test (25 words): Students will need to select the meaning/context of the word given from multi-choice options.
  • Additional Resources: Student(s) can practice sample spelling test(s) and review study guide:
  • Please find the attached Spelling word list below (if you missed my earlier email in your junk/spam/social/promotion folder).


-Sonal (SkyviewSpelling Bee Chair) -