Skyview PTSA’s Multicultural Night is Back! 

Wednesday, March 15th, 2024, 6:00- 8:30 PM

Skyview Middle School Cafeteria

Register here before February 29th!


Celebrate Our Diverse Skyview Community at Multicultural Night!

Diversity is a noun and being inclusive is an action! Skyview is a school rich in diversity, and we want everyone to join in the celebration of that diversity and collaboratively create an inclusive community for our families. The Multicultural Night is a great opportunity for each family to embrace their unique cultural background, whether they have strong cultural ties to geographic regions or not. We welcome you to be a part of this special evening! 

What do we mean by Culture?

Culture is a multifaceted concept that extends beyond national boundaries, encompassing various elements that contribute to the shared identity of a group. While nationality is a strong influence of cultural identity, it's not the sole determinant. 

  1. Rituals, such as religious ceremonies and rites of passage, reinforce a sense of belonging within a community. 
  2. Cultural heroes, whether historical, mythical, or contemporary, embody the values and aspirations of a group, serving as inspirational figures. 
  3. Stories, whether myths, legends, folklore, or oral traditions, play a crucial role in transmitting values and shaping identity across generations. 
  4. Norms, accepted standards of behavior, dictate how individuals interact and express themselves, fostering social cohesion.
  5. Cultural artifacts, tangible expressions like art, literature, music, clothing, and architecture, hold significance in reflecting a community's heritage and aesthetics. 
  6. Fundamental to culture are values, guiding behavior and decision-making within a group. 

We want to emphasize that culture is dynamic, extending beyond borders. People share cultural traits regardless of nationality, contributing to a unique identity shaped by multiple cultural groups.

What is Multicultural Night?

Multicultural Night is a celebration of the Skyview community, an opportunity to showcase our culture through knowledge-sharing, food, art and performance. 

How Can You Contribute?

We invite students of all backgrounds to participate by sharing aspects of their culture in various ways. This could include a "show and tell" about your heritage, family's history/rituals, a display of meaningful artifacts, facts, games, maps, dance, traditional clothing, and more. Broad categories are:

  • Potluck: Feel free to bring a food dish that holds significance for your family's cultural background. Allergy information will be available at the setup (optional).
  • Cultural Poster Board: Showcase your cultural identity on a trifold board. This could include facts, maps, pictures, languages, ceremonies, and more. Poster boards will be provided by PTSA (optional) starting February 19,2024. Please have your student request for one at the office.
  • Talent Show: Share your family's culture through short performances such as dances, theater, literature, songs, or any other talent that can be showcased in less than 3 minutes.

Join Us in Celebrating Together!

Participation is entirely optional, and everyone is welcome to join us in this celebration of diversity. Your presence is valued whether you contribute to the event or simply attend. To participate, please register here by February 29, 2024.

Let's make the Multicultural Night a memorable and inclusive celebration for the entire Skyview community!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask Lina Jiang and Na