*NEW* Suicide Prevention Webinar Series (via seattleYMCA.org)

Join the YMCA throughout the month of September for their Suicide Prevention Webinar Series and learn how to see the warning signs, how to find help, and how to support people as they move toward hope, recovery and survival. Each webinar has a different topic. https://www.seattleymca.org/blog/suicide-prevention-webinar-series 

  • What Causes Depression & Anxiety (9/15 6-7:30pm)
  • Suicide Prevention Training (9/17 7-8:30pm)
  • Stigma & Misconceptions About Suicide (9/22 7-8:30pm)
  • NAMI Ending the Silence & Teen Talk (9/24 4-5:30pm)
  • Embracing Adversity: Supporting Health Coping Strategies (9/28 12-1:30pm)
  • Continuing the Conversation Q&A Session (9/30 6-7:30pm)