Volunteers Needed for Next School Year!

At middle school level, there is less parent involvement at school (compared to elementary school), so this is a wonderful way to stay engaged. 

Note: All volunteers will need to have an updated (quick and easy) background check with NSD. https://www.nsd.org/get-involved/volunteer/become-a-volunteer

Would you like to sign up to volunteer for the 2024-25 school year? Please fill out a quick form -  https://forms.gle/rtGKigKTbjHBrZX18

Elected Board Positions:



• Review WA PTSA online documents for presidents.
• Oversees and coordinates the work of the board to run a PTSA effectively
• Presides at PTSA board and association meetings
• Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of a PTSA
• Designated as an authorized signer for PTSA checks, contracts and authorizations for 
• Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee
• Works with other PTSA leaders to connect families, school and community to 
support student success
• Attend monthly meeting with Skyview principal
• Attending or finding a representative to attend all Northshore PTSA Council 
Requirement: 1 training class

Vice President - Communications



• Review WA PTSA online documents for VP.
• Attend monthly PTSA Board Meetings.
• Attend PTSA General Membership Meetings – currently 3 per year.
• Attend monthly meetings with Skyview MS Administration and PTSA President.
• Step in for President as needed.
• Send communications to the Skyview office manager for their newsletter and 
morning announcements
• In charge of all PTSA communications.
• Website
• Newsletter
• Social Media
Requirement: 1 training class

Vice President - Membership



• Review WA PTSA online documents for VP.
• Attend monthly PTSA Board Meetings.
• Attend PTSA General Membership Meetings – currently 3 per year
• Creating and implementing a membership plan.
• Promoting membership throughout the year at all PTSA events.
• Providing membership reports at PTA board and PTA membership meetings. 
• PTA chairs are responsible for updating the PTavenue website with new members 
and answering any membership related questions at school events.
Requirement: 1 training class





• Review WA PTSA online documents for Secretaries
• Assist the President in developing meeting agendas
• Record minutes of PTSA meetings.
• Assist as necessary in PTSA business including record keeping and correspondence.
• Maintain legal document notebooks in collaboration with the President.
• Act as liaison between PTSA, school administration, and the district for facility usage. 
• Organize and submit all facility usage and warehouse requests to the district on 
behalf of Skyview PTSA.
• Attend monthly PTSA Board Meetings.
• Attend PTSA General Membership Meetings – currently 3 per year.
• Attend WA state PTSA conventions, leadership conferences, and/or regional 
Requirement: 1 training class





• Review WA PTSA online documents for treasurers.
• Ensure three current Board Members are on the Bank Signature card at the start of 
the year.
• Assure all PTSA funds are promptly deposited into the PTSA bank account. Review 
Receipts of Revenue for any discrepancies before deposits are made.
• Pay all authorized financial obligations of the PTSA (aka - cut checks for invoices and 
reimbursement requests) in a timely manner. 
• Keep an accurate and detailed account of all funds received and disbursed 
(notebook and Quickbooks). Preserve all receipts, invoices, bank statements, 
cancelled checks, and other financial records as specified in binder.
• At the end of every month, update an Excel budget spreadsheet using summary 
from Quickbooks, provide transaction info from Quickbooks to the person reviewing 
the bank statements and reconcile the Bank statement with Quickbooks.
• Submit a detailed, written monthly financial report (budget spreadsheet) at each 
meeting of the PTSA membership and each meeting of the board of directors. 
Submit written reports by mail or email to the board during months when no 
meetings are held (sometimes December). 
• Propose changes to the budget if/when needed to Board (approval also needed at 
General meeting).
• Work with the President to assure that appropriate and adequate insurance (liability 
insurance at a minimum) is purchased for the PTSA (October/November). 
• Prepare and file the appropriate IRS informational forms (990-N, 990-EZ or 990), 
annual incorporation renewal report and Charitable Solicitations report in a timely 
• Develop and present, with the support of the budget committee, the budget for the 
following year. 
• Submit an annual report at the end of the fiscal year (June 30). 
• Coordinate a mid-year financial review with an approved committee and report back 
to the Board. Prior to delivering the books to the successor treasurer, coordinate an 
end-of-year financial review with an approved committee.
Requirement: 1 training class


Appointed Board Positions:

Advocacy Chair


Are you interested in sharing what is happening that could affect our school and/or students?

  • Our Advocacy Chair reports on current and upcoming information & events that help educate and mobilize our membership and community.
  • As Advocacy Chair, you will be on email lists for advocacy topics from National, State and Council level PTA.
  • This position will usually provide an update at board & general membership meetings about what's coming up in the advocacy world as it relates to our mission & goals.
  • In additional, provide a monthly update for our website (and in the newsletter) with things that are about policy, changes that affect students & families, etc - like school board meetings, PTA legislative assembly, etc. 

Staff Appreciation


Do you want to help celebrate our amazing staff at Skyview?

  • Since this is a year-long role, it is a board position.
  • Co-chairs are welcome, this is more fun with friends!
  • Events can range from coordinating lunches, to coordinating pies for staff during Thanksgiving, and even creating messages. Creativity welcome and new ideas are great!


Committee Chairs:

6th Grade Welcome Event


 Would you like to help welcome families back to school in the fall? 

Coordinate the 6th Grade Welcome Event in late August. PTSA's portion of the event consists of providing a sweet treat, served by volunteers and coordinating with our membership VP to have a membership/PTSA presence greeting families.

Career Day 


 Would you like to help students learn what their future might hold?

  • Work with SMS school counseling team to plan and execute
  • Gather all volunteers, handling communications to volunteers
  • Host a simple breakfast that morning for career volunteers
  • Be onsite day of the event 

Eagle Day


Would you like to help create an year end event for ALL Skyview students?

  • Great and FUN opportunity to work with students in ASB to plan an end of the year event for ALL students (think field day for middle schoolers)
  •  Coordinate volunteers, and work with vendors

Emergency Prep


Are you interested in helping with emergency preparedness (Eprep) at school?

  • Works closely with the Staff Eprep Coordinator, attends school safety meetings and assists where needed. 
  • May help purchase supplies and maintain the emergency container in coordination with the school Eprep/Safety Committee.
  • The EPrep committee chair also participates in the Northshore Council PTSA Eprep Committee meetings to share information and coordinate with other schools in our learning community and across the district. 
  • This year NSD PTA Eprep team coordinated Stop the Bleed Kits for each school. (745 kits)
  • More information here: Emergency Preparedness - Northshore Council PTSA 6.10

Food Pantry


Are you passionate about helping people in our community??

  • Coordinating food drives, may include shopping for food and managing a budget
  • Bi-monthly packing and delivering food to families homes
  • Creating delivery route for volunteers-MUST BE CONFIDENTIAL
  • Communicating via email with families about signups, delivery times, etc.
  • Thanksgiving and December Holiday Drives
  • Picking up food from donors

High-Cap Rep.


This is filled by the elected Hi Cap Committee representative for Skyview Middle School.

  • Attend most of the monthly HiCap council meetings (expectation is no more than 2 absences/year)
  • Be a PTA member of the school you represent and go to PTSA meetings to deliver HiCap info as needed
  • Gather feedback from your constituents and PTSA to report back to the HiCap Council
  • Attend back-to-school events, registration nights, parent nights for the school you represent

Multicultural Night (with Natural Leaders)


Are you passionate about the diverse cultures that Skyview has and interested in introducing these cultures to Skyview families?

  • Work with Skyview's Assistant Principal, Counselor and District Family Liaison. 
  • Attend once a month meetings for planning, starting in October.
  • Planning the event may consist of ordering decorations, gathering volunteers, coordinating cultural boards, food samples etc. Be present early on the day of the event to organize the set up and see through the whole event. 

North Creek HS Liaison


Are you interested in making sure Skyview families know what's going on at North Creek High School?

  • Act as PTSA liaison, attend Skyview PTSA meetings, and work with Skyview PTSA board to make sure students and families know all they need to know about North Creek High School and are ready for the transition to North Creek after 8th grade.

Northshore Schools Foundation Rep.


Do you value the Northshore Schools Foundation (NSF) and want to ensure our school community is aware of happenings at NSF?

  • Act as a liaison between NSF and the Skyview Community. 
  • Ensuring Foundation events are included in parent communications.
  • Inform Skyview staff of NSF grant opportunities and deadlines.



Are you interested in coordinating fundraising events with partners in our community or online? 

  • Develop and promote PTSA fundraising opportunities, including silent fundraising management, special events, and Fred Meyer Community Rewards. Includes coordinating Dine-Out events.



Are you a lover of art? 

  • Organize and implement the National PTA Reflections cultural arts program for Skyview students.
  • Promote Reflections' start date and submission deadlines, rally students and provide help (supplies) to those who need it, offer program application forms and collect finished art submissions.
  • Deliver finished art pieces to Northshore Council PTSA.
  • Work with Northshore Council PTSA on this program.

SBA Snack Coordinator


 Want to provide snacks for students for the SBA days?

  • Shop for and distribute snacks for all students on their Smarter Balanced Assessment days!

Special-Education Rep.


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of special needs students?

  • Serve as a liaison between our PTSA and our community's special needs families and teachers. Keep abreast of district and state initiatives, programs, and events of potential interest to the Special Ed community.
  • Work with other Special Ed. Reps from across the district and Northshore PTSA Council.

Spelling Bee


Are you passionate about the importance of words & spelling? 

  • Coordinate and manage the Scripps National Spelling Bee for Skyview Middle School students. Work with volunteers and students!
  • See what we did for the 2022-23 school year.

Website Coordinator


Do you want to find something to do for PTSA, entirely from home? Are you good with communication and like to answer questions before they are asked? 

  • Work with the VP-Communications.
  • Assist with posting/creating content and keeping information up to date on our PTSA website.

8th Grade Celebration


Do you have an 8th grade student, and would you like to be part of their end of year celebration? 

  • Oversee a committee to work on this, consisting of parents of 8th graders. Planning includes type of event, budgets, food, decorations, DJ, photographer, games, etc. 
  • Recruit & organize parent volunteers to chaperone during the party.
  • Be there early to set up and stay to clean up and till all kids have left the venue.


For more information on open opportunities or to volunteer, please contact Skyview PTSA President, Andrea Wojcik, to discuss!



10/12/2023 - Updated current needs