Regional Spelling Bee Update!
Yashaswi G. (7th Grade) has successfully cleared the qualifying round of Scripps Spelling Bee
and she is selected in Top 10 spellers for competing in
the final Regional Round of Scripps Spelling Bee Competition of Year-2021.
You can watch the Zoom of the Bee’s final rounds 
on the Town Hall website ( on Sunday, March 28th, at 5 pm.
Afterwards it will be available on the Town Hall Media Library.
Congratulations to Yashaswi!!
Indeed very proud moment for Skyview Middle School! Go Eagles!!

We have a Skyview Spelling Bee WINNER!

Congratulations to all 32 Skyview students who
worked hard to study and test for the Scripps Spelling Bee this year.
Go Eagles!

In the first round, the students below received a score of 49/50 and had to participate in one more round. 

Geetika M.
Yashaswi G.
Bhavyshree K.

The next and final round was 50 words in 5 minutes.

Skyview Middle School's Spelling Bee Champion for 2021 is: Yashaswi G.
Bhavyashree K. secured 2nd place and 

Geetika M. secured 3rd place in this competition. 

In the final round, of 50 questions,
Yashaswi gave 47 correct answers in 5 minutes of short time,
indeed a great performance!